When Otto Von Schirach ruled Brussels

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When Otto Von Schirach ruled Brussels (english)


by   |  on août 19th, 2013  |  6 commentaires

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Fresh off the plane from his Miami planet, strange Otto Von Schirach didn’t wait long after his excellent performance in Dour 2013 to get back on stage, with a free, crazy, wet and generous show at the Café Central in Brussels. Feever caught him aside just before he went on stage for a spicy When Dinausaurs Rule The Earth-like interview, as if Somebody Told Me


Photos: Gautier Houba

Somebody told me you’re called Otto Von Schirach. But are you a full time weird cartoon?
Full time. Everyday : Partytime! Hello. I’m a cartoon everyday! Did you get that Doppler effect?!

Otto Von Schirach - Café Central-10

Yep I think so! Is that the same shit when you wake up in the morning, when you scratch your balls?
Wake up in the morning, scratch my balls, take a drain piss, eat like ten bananas, half of watermelon, talk to my plants, my mango tree, take my dog for a walk. Then I think about what I’m gonna do, what I’m gonna be, what I’m gonna make, what drum I’m gonna kick, who I’m gonna text, what’s next, what record to hear… Under Miami’s sun!

Otto Von Schirach - Café Central-19

Don’t tell me that you actually take « Healthy Food » pictures on Instagram? Please!!!
I do!

Oh, fuck!
But only once or twice. I’m trying not to. But you know my friends always told me « Hey, can you show them how to spread and to germinate plants?! » And so, I put some pictures about that. Not all, just a couple, a couple of the secrets! You don’t like that? Do you hate healthy food?

No! I eat lots of healthy food but I don’t take pictures of that, because it’s about eating, dude, not about Instagramming!
Yeah, now people take pictures of everything on Instagram, like a cigarette on the floor… What the fuck?! I guess it’s « Fuck you Instagram guys, you’re gonna waste your space with bullshit, with like absolutely nothing! »

And nobody told me how you met that guy? (Mangoholic Annunaki, aka Ange…)
I saw him one day, he was a puma! We were juste hanging out and… Then he said « I want to go to your show! Can I take a drive along with you?! » It was somewhere in the Netherlands. I was with a couple of friends from Miami and my booking agent Jee, Nasty & Shit Matt and I took this alien reptile in the car. At first, my friends didn’t want to take him, they were saying « Oh what the fuck are you doing?! » I said « Come on, this is real life! ». That’s how I met this crazy dude and then… He showed us his crazy fingers!

Yep! The weirdest fingers on earth, better than E.T…
Right! Then he started to come with me to some shows. I started involving him and he started doing good visuals. Connected, like that, you know? He definitely made the shows grow up a lot, visually. And now, he’s like a key element in my world, you know?!


Somebody told me he lost his famous snake mask a few days ago… Tell us about that metaphysical story!
« Lost? » Mmmm, misplaced! We were at Dour Festival, we had a crazy show. During the day – we never really play during the day so it’s fun to play while there’s still sun. It’s like a beach party! Annunaki was in full form and then, we wanted to stick around Dour and see everything. So we put everything backstage. When we got back, we packed up and then, we didn’t see immediately that the mask wasn’t there. But the next day, we had a show in Hamburg, and there was no mask! We said « Hoho, we didn’t see it since Dour! » That’s when we knew somebody had stolen it. Then, magically we saw that picture with somebody in Dour, partying his ass off on the main stage with his mask on!

…with a cucumber on his hand!
Bis ass fucking negroni cucumber!!! You know, so big : Two centimeters… Hum, no, two meters!
[According to Feever’s fruits and vegetables experts, it appears to be a zucchini]

Cuncumber avenger from Dour

What do you think about the temporary backup DIY mask of Annunaki?
At first, Annunaki said « This is my replacement ». And I replied « Fuck, that looks like the reptile got to a big summer party! ». But then, when I saw it I said « Oh, that’s perfect! »

In the same way, I’ve noticed the importance of creative visuals in your show. Will it become more important than your music some day?
No no! I mean the music is very important to me. I think that the music comes first because that’s when I’m at home, you know, when I’m trying just to get into my brain and make some magic. But I think I get bored if I just stand on stage, not looking like who I wanna be perceived. I feel like many years I tried to put my magic into my show. This is the way my magic is, you know?

Otto Von Schirach - Live Café Central-4

Somebody told me you enjoy working with lots of different featurings…
Hum, we got some secret ones : I can’t say who, but very important secret ones. But I love to work with Modeselektor guys, I loved working with Venetian Snares and currently, I just finished some songs with a crazy rapper from Miami. He always says « What the Fuck?! »… Soon! There is some more : I’m working with Alec Empire or Jeru the Damaja, some old hip hop guy!

Do you know Death Grips or Mikky Blanco? They are not far from Miami…
Yes of course!

Somebody told me there is a strange connection between Miami, San Juan & Bermuda. The famous Bermuda triangle… Is Brussels weird too? 
Haha! When you get lost in the Bermuda triangle… One of your option is to come to Brussels! You can come to Brussels but you come like in a steel gate, you come in a chaos!

Otto Von Schirach - Live Café Central-5

How is Miami’s music scene like?
Oh Miami! You know, it’s beautiful! It’s a city built from dreams. A city built out of cocaine and out of immigrants. It’s a fresh city, it’s new and I think it’s the right time to be in Miami if you want to see a city grow up so fast, because that what’s happening. I was born and raised there. You know, in 1981, living in Miami was so different than in 2013! But I’ve seen the evolution and… I love it!

Is it better now?
I mean I can’t say it’s better now because I loved it the 1980′s, but I’m still in love, it is what it is. I’ve tried to leave Miami but I can’t! I keep wanting to move to L.A., I keep wanting to move somewhere in Europe… L.A. is really like my second home and I can’t leave Miami, it’s like my balls, you know?!

I know, that’s like me and Toulouse!
Oh, I’ve played in Toulouse!

I know : the Wasted Party in 2008, a show for the festival Les Siestes Electroniques, I was in the organisation team!
Haha, little world…

And tomorrow, you play in Barcelona, do you need a bus driver or a make up staff ? I can do it!
Yes, come on!

Otto Von Schirach - Live Café Central-6

Somebody told me two crazy chicks were gogo dancing on stage during your last show at Dour festival… I think I know them and one of them is…one of my boss at Feever. Can you confirm that? Because I need a promotion…
Yes, I confirm! The blonde one? She was dancing with a unicorn chick during the show.


Last thing, can you do a cool dedication for Feever?
Yeah, no problem : Otto Von Schirach Dedication for Feever

Thanks for everything mister!

 Otto Von Schirach - Café Central-17re

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