Toy Dolls : the interview after the last one


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Toy Dolls : the interview after the last one


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Toy Dolls : the interview after the last one

Cet été, la team Feever a baroudé. Certains ont atterri à la toute première et prometteuse édition de l’Xtreme Fest, qui n’a pas à rougir face au Hellfest ou au Iesperfest! Par là même occasion, nous avons sauté sur celle d’un entretien avec Olga, membre du mythique groupe Street Punk UK The Toy Dolls, ces joyeux branleurs définitivement… inébranlables !

Crédits Photos: Nadia Hamri

Hello there, who are you ?
My name is Olga. I’m from an English band called The Toy Dolls !

Are you on a promotion tour right now ?
Promotion tour ? Actually, we don’t work like that. We don’t really record and do promotion tours. We don’t sell our records. For us, the record is just there to promote the tour.


Were you born to perform on stage ? I mean you love that ?!
Yes, I think it’s nice to make records but the most important thing is LIVE. Because there were no records in the beginning.

So, you connect better live with your fans?
I think so, for this band anyway.

Do you feel a difference between this local fan base and the one from UK ?
We never play in England! We do a tour actually in November but not many people know who we are in England, to be honest. We play a lot in Spain, in France, in Switzerland, in South America, in Argentina, in Brazil. But yes, I think there is a difference with the French audience : it’s generally more interested in guitar playing; Spanish are more interested to have a good party, in South America, there is little differences between countries, for example….And 99% of our audience is from Japan!

Why? What happens in Japan ?
Maybe 80% girls audience! Strange…


You’ve been around for more than 30 years. Do you think it’s because you stay  in a « stupid funny mood » all the time? Does it keep you younger forever ?
Yeah, I thing it’s not a comedy. We hate comedy in music. But we like to take the bright light side of life. It’s always like an optimistic side of everything. And it’s just nice to have a little escapism for one hour on stage, to escape from all the bad things, just for one hour. Yes, I thing it’s maybe keeping us young!

And your lyrics are never about politics…
No, I think it’s good to have an escape, but just for one or two hours, not for your whole life, because if you do, you become a crazy person. We prefer have a break from it, it’s a good and healthy thing.

It’s maybe a big part of Street Punk, unlike the Oï Music spirit…
Yes, totally. I can’t sing political songs with this voice, like my friends from The Exploited… I can’t expect The Exploited to sing Toy Dolls and it’s better for them!

And you never wanted to do that? Singing about political issues, and you cannot because you are Toy Dolls ?

I don’t mind singing about anything…. but I wouldn’t be with Toy Dolls. Maybe in the future with something else. Yes definitely. All right songs, maybe a different singer, and I’ ll just play the guitars!

Do you think that « Automockery is the key for being peacefull » ?
Probably, I guess so !

So, what is the most shameful song you listen to under the shower at the moment ?
Haha right, maybe some… ABBA!

Which one ?
Mamma MiaWaterloo and… All of them ! Sorry.

Have you recently had a good surprise with a musical discovery ?
I’m listening to old things all the time, like Ella Fitzgerald. Really old old old things.  It’s new for me  because I’ve never heard it, and I like things like that! I don’t want listen to Punk Rock all the time, I can’t because it’s too completely close to me and it’s become like my own Pop Music. But I like all kinds of music, anything -with the exception of Disco!- every song with « toum schitt toum schitt toum schitt »… I go crazy! Anything else is fine !


How do you travel on tour? By bus, by plane ?
I’ve got a private jet with « Toy Dolls » written on the side! Haha, no, we generally use a van and we sleep in basic hotels. I think it’s the best way to do it.

Which one in the band makes the most horrendous farts during tour ?
Everybody else have approved to say that’s me !

Ok, let’s switch our roles now. You can ask me a question.
Allright. What is the worst thing about the Toy Dolls?!

Oh! Of course I’d rather mention the best thing about you, because when I was kid, I saw you in Toulouse and…
Yes, I was in the Bikini Club! It’s one of the best clubs ind the world…

I agree. But ok, the worst thing is maybe… Your hair’s random colors !
Hahaha, allright !

Did you stop to do that ?
No! Next week, I want to make a blue or green color or something…

Witch one do you prefer ?
Maybe Dark Red ! But it’s a bit long to do because we have to bleach the hair before and do the red after, it’s a hard job.

I understand ! And, last thing, can you you make a little dedication for Feever?
Toy Dolls Feever’s dedication

Toy dolls13

For Feever « La Culture sans Vaseline »

07 July 2013. 

Article : Me / Pix : Nadia Hamri

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